Privacy Policy

This document, you accept this privacy policy from the moment you start using any of the AOSP STUDIO applications, or you accept it after accepting the consent form in some applications.

Published date: 07.07.2021

Effective date: 18.07.2021

1. What this Privacy Policy regulates, by whom it is processed

This Privacy Policy contains detailed information about the data that can be obtained through your use of products and/or services belonging to and affiliated with our company. The data is used by you in order to enable you to use the Application and/or Services, established in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Turkey It is automatically collected and used by ‘AOSP STUDIO’ based in Efeler/Aydin or its affiliate(s) providing the relevant Service.

2. About your collected usage data

Personal information is never transferred to our servers from the product/service applications developed by our Company. Data collected through third party services in applications with internet access:

Within the Firebase service;

Anonymously The total number of daily and instant users, the number of times the application screens are viewed anonymously, the report of the region where the application is used anonymously, the source of the third-party links accessing the application and/or the site anonymously, the reports of the application updates anonymously, the reports of the application crashes and/or crashes anonymously , anonymously application performance reports, anonymously the overall average performance of the application on devices compared to the previous version, the total number of people in-app notifications reached and how many people responded to notifications, uninstalling and/or running anonymously, scrolling the scrollbar anonymously, anonymously total business as Data of the meat system update is being collected. For other data collected other than the data here, the Google Firebase Privacy Policy document should be read.

Within Admob service;

Daily ad views anonymously, daily ad requests anonymously, daily ad clicks anonymously number and type of ad unit, match rates are collected anonymously. For other data collected other than the data here, it is necessary to read the Google Admob Privacy Policy document.

Within the Play Store/Play Console;

The application name and version number used by the user, the device model used by the user, the device language and android version collects data from reports of anonymous app crash errors. For other data collected other than the data here, the Google Play Store Privacy Policy document should be read.

3. What is done with your usage data, is it shared with third parties

We collect and use your anonymous data in order to provide a smooth and excellent user experience regardless of country, language, brand, model and to maintain it on a continuous basis.

This company of ours is at any time without notice in order to increase the user experience. may share statistical data to third-party partners.

4. About external links

This company’s applications and/or site links to different internet addresses from its own pages. Our company is not responsible for the contents and/or privacy principles of the sites to which it links and promotes the application. The linking process mentioned here is considered a legal reference. are being evaluated.

5. Advertising policy

This Company prefers Google Admob service among third-party advertising companies to serve advertisements in its applications. Please read the Privacy Agreements of those sites regarding the use of data and cookies.

These service/services, these applications and may use the information obtained from your visits to other websites (your name, address, e-mail address or phone number) to show you advertisements for products and services that may be of interest to you.

These advertisements may contain cookies and these services/services may use cookies. information may be collected and it is not possible for us to access this information.

6. GDPR policy for European countries

This Company displays ads in accordance with the GDPR in our ad-hosting applications as of December 5, 2018. Countries affiliated to the European Union can benefit from the GDPR.

After this user installs our application, a Google Funding Choices option regarding the personalization of advertisements is made. They encounter the form offered by the service, and set the ads to be displayed in this form. They can also access the privacy policies of our advertising partners in the form.

Google Funding Choices service is responsible if the GDPR form cannot be accessed in these European countries.

7. About online purchases

This Company uses/may use the Google Play Store subscription system or a third-party subscription system by offering paid applications. Your card information may be collected or used by the relevant provider service specified during payment. Regarding the information collected or used by the specified service provider during payment In order to reach the details, the privacy policy document of the specified service should be examined.

8. Child (under 13) policy

This Company presents the applications to individuals over the age of 13 with the Google Play Store facilities. This data collected as a result of the possible acquisition of applications by individuals under the age of 13 is not disclosed to third parties if our company detects it.

9. Update of this Policy, questions and suggestions

This Company may change the provisions of the ‘Privacy Policy’ at any time by sending an e-mail to the users or by publishing it on its website. If the provisions of the Privacy Policy are changed, it becomes effective on the date of publication.

Your questions and suggestions regarding this Privacy Policy You can send an e-mail to